12 BRIDGES.London is a book listing walks which start from 12 iconic London bridges. Each walk lasts for around an hour, is self-guided, and features points of interest along the route.

The author is Brian M Stratton. He has lived and worked in and around London since 1976. Definitely a south Londoner, he has been known to venture north, became interested and has visited many times.

He has been writing reference and text books since 1988.

Brian explains the reasons behind writing this 12 Bridges book: "Seeing the Thames embankment disappearing under a glass and concrete duvet of ‘Prestige Luxury Apartments’, it was apparent that the history and atmosphere of the area could be lost forever.

“Even if you’ve lived in London all your life, it’s easy to walk, cycle or drive past landmarks without knowing the history linked to them. Often you become ‘blind’ to what’s on your doorstep - the secrets are hidden in plain sight and you simply no longer notice them.

“Most Londoners have an idea of London and its history and landmarks, but it’s often sketchy or incomplete.”

Brian adds: “There’s a great deal of history in London, so as a starting point I decided to concentrate on twelve iconic bridges and develop walks which would take in points of interest, not necessarily the marquee names and low-hanging fruit - for example the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace - but lesser known places, quirky information and connections which bring the jig-saw pieces together. I also wanted the book to give a sense of the place, adding context and interest to the history of London.

“I’m very interested in the history of places and the whys and wherefores. And yes, I was that annoying kid who was always wanting to know ‘Why’ [and some say I still am].

“Words fascinate me as well - especially the etymology [or is it entomology - anyway, I like words that bug me] and I like to ferret out the reason why, for example, a Scotch egg is so-called [see walk 1 for more details of this]. Perhaps I should get out more…”