THIS BOOK has been extensively road tested by people who have ‘walked the walks’.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“...A real eye-opener, well-written with an obvious love for London and its history... very readable and well illustrated with the black and white sketch style... “
Jeff, former Mayor of Southwark, London

“... Another book about London? As a world-weary and cynical Londoner I thought I knew all there was to know! How wrong I was... Superb and also value for money... “
Barry, born and bred Londoner

“...Taking the path less travelled often reveals the greatest treasures... and that's what this book does... “
Steven and Carole, from Richmond

“...Extensive research gives the book depth and erudition... just enough but not too much... it's a book that entices you, walk by walk... “
Sunil and Pritti, from Slough

 “...The writing is insightful, intelligent and amusing... I also really like the cover - very tactile and strokeable... “
Charlotte, from Southport

 “...Let this book take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London..."
Elizabeth, from London

“…I was achieving an easy 10,000 steps on each walk… You don't realise you're racking up the steps because the journey is so interesting... "
Sarah, from Chiswick 

"...An ideal guide to the parts of London that most tourists don't see… very interesting, easy to read and follow... "
Sun, from S Korea

"...Really enjoyed seeing the Roman Temple... and the site of the old Texas Embassy was a good find... perceptive and written with a nice touch of humor!"
Raymond, from Ohio, USA



Here are specific reviews for each of the walks. Please click on the camera icon to see an illustration:

Walk 1

“…Really enjoyed it… I liked the Cockpit Steps - it's almost like a doorway into another world… lots of interesting information and you look at things with a fresh eye… Confession: we tried the musical squares…“

Todd, from Bristol

“…We’re Londoners and there was a lot even we didn't know… Pickering Place was a revelation and also the heritage room at Lock’s the Hatters… “

Jackie and Andy, from London

“…First time in London and we followed this walk from start to finish… ideal to see the ‘secret' places that others don't know about… we then enjoyed telling others - ‘Oh, did you not know about the American Bar, or why Piccadilly is called that?’ Very enjoyable and just the right length… “

Ryan and Isla, from Glasgow

Walk 2

“…I liked Ireland Yard… you can almost feel the history…“

Beth, from London

“…The King's Wardrobe was interesting and we enjoyed seeing the ‘ghost sign’ on the wall… and St-Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe made us smile… “

Jean and Peter, from Hereford

“…Although we come to London quite a lot we weren't aware of a lot of the points in this walk... it was very good… the street names were new to us, such as Amen Corner and Paternoster Square… “

Sunita and Bob, from Slough

Walk 3

“…It was fascinating seeing the oldest shop… we imagined how the area would have been in Dickens’ time… “

Sam and Lucy, from Southend

“…I really enjoyed this walk… you turn corners and get an unexpected view or find something new… and seeing the cast iron toilet was unusual - something you'd expect in Paris rather than a cul-de-sac in London! “

Phil, from Swindon

“…The lane off the Strand was an eye-opener and we found the Roman Bath and switched on the light and looked through the window… “

Andy and Lynne, from Runcorn

Walk 4

“…I liked the history feel to this walk… seeing the gate of the prison was a touchstone for the area… and the park was a quiet oasis for reflection… “

Kevin, from London

“…The church with the executioner’s bell was stunning… the connection with Pocahontas was interesting… we liked the cups on chains outside as well… “

Harry and Janet, from Eastbourne

“…Cloth Fair and the old churches gave a medieval feel to to the City… also the Wallace connection…“

David and Lisa, from Crawley

Walk 5

“…We liked the St Magnus church and the history of the old London Bridge… it was quite something to stand where it used to start from and imagine the scene…“

Graham and Linda, from Chippenham

“…Pudding Lane and the Monument really brought home about the Fire of London… and seeing the Gherkin up close was a reminder where the city is now, especially when you see it next to St Andrew's church… “

Sam, from Kidderminster

“…It's surprising how small all the streets and alleys are… Leadenhall Market gives you a flavour of how it would have been in times gone by…“

Sue and Raj, from Leicester

Walk 6

“…The honeycomb lights in Honey Lane were a nice touch and it put all the jig-saw pieces together… also seeing the Milk Street and Bread Street off the main drag……“

Prakash and Maggi, from Walsall

“…I liked the lane over the road…Cleary Gardens made me think about what it would have been like in Roman times, overlooking the Thames… “

Jack, from Blackburn

“…From stewing to viewing, this walk has it all… The detail is always the gold - like the church where Christopher Wren tried a prototype dome design that he later used on St Pauls…also the view at sunset from One New Change was amazing…“

Tony, from London

Walk 7 

“…This walk was edgy and has a gritty, urban feel to it... where the streets have no name… I liked the Alderman Steps and the great view of Tower Bridge…there's a definite change in the atmosphere on this walk compared to others... “

Andrew, from Sevenoaks

“…The crypt at All hallows Church was stunning… so much history... all the Roman objects are a reminder that they were here first... “

Sam and Ciara, from London

“…Once you turn off Aldgate High Street and go further afield into Whitechapel it's a different atmosphere… and then seeing Wilton's Music Hall takes you back and you can imagine what it was like in Victorian times... “

Jade, from London